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Working with our projects...

Project 1:

Buy wireless network cards for computers Computer Center.


We need to connect to the internet our computers in the computer center in St. Augustine.
The three main reasons are:

  • We have young people in St. Augustine and CHBJ CHBJ Cuicatlán studying high school or university level, and they demand their tasks on the computer and using the Internet.
  • In San Agustin is CHBJ School with 80 students from primary level and secondary level 20 students, then we need computers to teach computing to children.
  • We have internet service and 10 new computers without internet access because they have no wireless network card.
Therefore we require 10 CARDS WIRELESS NETWORK USB 2.0 300Mbps 802.11N and REPEATER ACCESS POINT WI FI.
Cost for project:

Wireless network cards and wireless access point

    Minimum requirements:
  • wireless network card 300Mbps 802.11n USB 2.0 => $ 20.00 (twenty dollars)
  • wifi access point => $ 35.00 (thirty five dollars)
$235.00 (two hundred thirty-five dollars for the project)

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Project 2:

Purchase property for the school.

Description: We need some plots of land next to "Casa Hogar Benito Juarez" in order to have adequate space to construct the remaining classrooms needed for the school. We ask for your help in acquiring these two lots.
Cost per lot for property adjoining Casa Hogar: $13,000 (2 needed).
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Project 3: .

Description: .
Cost: .
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Please send checks to:
     Life Church P.O. Box 338, Bayfield, CO, 81122, USA, (earmarked for Casa Hogar)


Contact us at



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